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 Lab Workflow

Lab Workflow Consulting

We empower our Clients with Data Driven Solutions.


CapRock Lab Workflow Solutions Improve lab productivity by utilizing in-depth industry experience, Industrial Engineering and Lean Six Sigma methods to analyze lab workflow, identify inefficiencies and uncover opportunities to free capacity, reduce turn-around time and lower costs

Our clients recognize the importance of a having a third party look at their lab workflow from an unbiased and fresh perspective.  Sometimes lab workflow bottlenecks are not so obvious to those working day-in and day-out in the laboratory.  Methods and procedures created over the years  may not allow for the best productivity and turnaround times.

CapRock performs analysis on current laboratory workflows, methods, procedures, systems automation and identifies the best practices to streamline workflows including, hardware (automated or non-automated), software, staffing, infrastructure, etc.   

Further, with CapRock’s broad knowledge of Labs and Lab workflow, we determine opportunities for the right improvements that eliminate the causes of bottlenecks and streamline lab workflow for People, Process, Systems, Equipment, Inventory, Layout, Technology and best practices/methods


CapRock Lab Workflow consulting solutions will:


Study, analyze  and advise  best approach to optimizing automation

Advise for the best workflow solutions both customized and off-the shelf

Support clients with developing and setting up high-throughput laboratory workflow

Develop and create budget requirements for recommended lab workflow solutions

Reduce Costs – Process more with the same staff and shorten time to result

Implement higher Quality – Identify, track and manage key lab workflow metrics

Increase Productivity - Our experience shows 25-30% increase in lab workflow productivity is achievable

Improve Turn-Around Time –Deliver results earlier and support quicker patient treatment

Reduce waste - Reduce wasted movement, wasted resources, gain valuable productivity and capacity

Better Utilize Automation - Gain higher throughput of your automation by streamlining workflow and removing waste

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